J K Industrial Services  Ltd

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Diamond Drilling

Non-percussive, dust free and clean cutting makes diamond drilling the safe and fast method of producing penetrations in virtually any position.

Manufactured on our premises we are able to provide core sizes ranging from 15 mm to 700 mm diameter. Cores above 700mm diameter are available to order with 24 hours notice.

Specialized hydraulic, pneumatic or electric drilling machines enable us to drill inverted, horizontally or vertically to any required depth.


Diamond Wall Sawing

Using our own dedicated power supply unit and the most up to date equipment we can operate totally self-sufficiently minimising ant disruption to clients and fellow contractors.

Our equipment allows us to saw cut at a maximum dept of 725mm from one face through the most heavily reinforced concrete structures.

Also available, if required diamond wire sawing.


Diamond Floor Cutting

For deep sawing through reinforced asphalt or concrete to produce a saw cut ranging from 5mm depth to 360mm for crack inducers, expansion joints or cutting channels in floor slabs, we offer a full range of floor sawing options for new build, demolition and refurbishments, using petrol, diesel, and electrically powered saws.

Depths below 360mm can be produced with 24 hours notice.


Controlled Dust-Free Demolition

Dust is now recognised as one of the most hazardous substances. Using our full range of expertise and equipment we are able to provide dust free demolition reducing the need to exclude both the public and other contractors from the demolition area


Concrete Repair

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Percussive Drilling

Percussive drilling ranging from 5 to 50mm to various depths if required

Resin Anchors


Used to provide a secure fixing for various application including steelwork, road side barriers, bridges protection and machinery.

Mechanical fixing available upon request.

J K Industrial Services are able to provide load tests if required.

Floor and Wall Chasing.


A full chasing service provided upon request.

A full chasing service provided upon request.